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We make every investment decision like it's for the people who matter most

We're a family office with generations of shared financial experience and expertise, and a lasting commitment to investments that better our world.

Our partners trust us for more than our investment insights: they know we have a special commitment to each other as well as our investments, and that we hold ourselves to the same standard we expect from every company in which we invest.

Adit (NOUN):

AD· IT | \ ’ a - d ə t \ Passage from the surface to a mine

The management team and I celebrate ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange as we launch our upsized $240 million IPO for Adit Edtech Acquisition Corp. (NYSE:ADEX.U).

We are a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) formed for the purpose of completing a business combination with one or more businesses or entities. While we may pursue a business combination in any industry or sector, we intend to focus our search for a business in the education, training and education technology industries.

Our management team, board of directors and industry advisors are experienced education technology operators, investment professionals and SPAC specialists.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has created unfathomable stress and disruption to our way of life overall and education in particular, we believe that technology can be harnessed to supplement the education of people worldwide, setting them up for future success. We plan to facilitate this transformation, by partnering with an education technology company to assist it with an efficient transition to a public company and to accelerate its mission further.

Our Story

Adit Ventures is a family collaboration of founders Eric Munson and Dan McCooey. The Munson and McCooey families have been informal investment partners for decades. In 2014, they formalized their relationship by launching Adit Ventures. 

It was their goal to share what they had learned about late-stage capital investments with other accredited investors, building portfolios that help their fellow investors leverage the relationships and reputation the Munsons and McCooeys have built among angel investors, early-stage VCs, and the private equity community at large. 

Since that time, we’ve been able to help hundreds of investors access private shares in lucrative, headline-grabbing ventures like GoPro, Lyft, Snap, and Spotify. 

Because we started as a family-owned business, we are truly invested in our company — in every possible way. Our founders and their families contribute our own capital to every investment opportunity we execute. 

Our Team



Eric Lazear

Chief Operating Officer

Jon Cholak

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Michael Block

Managing Director


Managing Director
& Head of Investor


Vice President

Una Kenny

Operations Associate

Angus Leckie


Chuxin Liang


Tom Munson


Nicolette DeVincenzo

Portfolio Accountant

Samir Mutawakil

Portfolio Accountant

Gianni Fazio

Portfolio Accountant

Our Advisory Board











William J. Bennett


Genesis Advisory Board

Manoj Saxena


Alex Marquez


Vivian Maese


Jason Lish


Ira Hamm


Our Core Values


We submit every opportunity to a thorough financial evaluation before we choose to invest, selecting only companies that demonstrate consistent growth, steady cash flow, and strong future potential. We also continually review existing investments to ensure that they’re still a good fit for us culturally and financially.


In the investment world, experience is everything. We’ve built ours working directly with trusted partners in the angel and VC community, so our team understands the risks, trends, and typical behavior of the private investment life cycle. But we also continually track trends and changes in VC investing to seek out tomorrow’s rising stars.


Adit Ventures looks to invest with dynamic growth companies providing goods and services that are making our world a more productive place — those with good customer service and company cultures.

We embrace the principles of positive governance, sustainability, and pro-environmental practices as both a moral imperative and a business decision. Adit is committed to being a part of the positive change in the world today by operating ethically and honestly while helping clients seek capital appreciation investing.


We're passionate about the companies we invest in — and we want investors to have a chance to take part in that excitement. We help our investors access shares in dynamic private companies, allowing them to support the technical and cultural benefits these organizations represent — and to potentially share in the returns.

Options to sell?

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