The revolution in digital and precision medicine

Discover how the merger of healthcare and technology is enhancing and extending lives. Today’s healthcare industry is uniting therapeutics, devices, digital analytics, and biotechnology to radically advance the way we manage human health.

The emerging digital health sector is transforming the patient-provider relationship. The rapid growth of digitized and digitally enabled health solutions is creating revolutionary new approaches to enhancing and monitoring people’s health. At the same time, it’s raising new questions about the regulatory and ethical implications of tracking and analyzing health data.

As patients’ behaviors shift, providers and product developers are adapting to changing treatment expectations. With patients demanding increasingly personalized solutions — and with more and more people in need of long-term care for “lifestyle” conditions — the healthcare industry is being challenged to innovate many dimensions of care.

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Learn how a new generation of digital power players is unleashing the power of an unprecedented amount of data.


See how AI and machine learning technologies are poised to transform multiple economic sectors.


Global demand for healthcare is surging. See how the industry is shifting toward new digital products and service models.


Picking the top performers transforming everything from the workforce to our wardrobes


From new streaming services to virtual reality, find out how technology is changing how we communicate and entertain ourselves.

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