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Adit Genesis
Early Stage Venture Capital 

Genesis utilizes a structured, fundamentally driven investment approach to create a diversified investment portfolio of companies led by experienced management teams who are experts in their field.

Capture value ahead of the curve


In addition to seeking to create a world-class investment portfolio, Genesis will also serve as a complement to Adit investment vehicles by providing deep company intelligence to serve as the basis for potential follow-on investments.

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Genesis will focus its investment activities in the following sectors:



Ideal Target Investment Profile


Minimum Viable Product

Adit Genesis will require investments in software and other areas to have viable customer prospects and technical evaluations. No vaporware - Adit Genesis invests in real, revenue generating businesses.


Experienced Founders & Management

Adit seeks to work with successful founders with deep industry expertise and a history of building and scaling businesses.


Strong Fundamentals

The ability to frugally manage cash, to develop and incentivize repeatable, low-touch sales processes, and to clearly articulate competitive advantage through tactical marketing campaigns are critical components that Adit will seek in every potential target investment.


Agnostic Platforms

Adit believes software applicable to multiple industry verticals, (financial services, e-commerce, IoT, hospitality) provides both more attractive total addressable markets, more potential revenue generation, and more possible exit opportunities.


Appropriate Valuations

Adit sees valuations compressing due to economic uncertainty and the related venture funding slow down. This valuation compression provides Adit the opportunity to invest in strong businesses at reasonable prices, improving capital efficiency and enhancing potential returns for our investors.

Active Adit Genesis Investments


Traces and authenticates products through the supply chain with their microbial tags.


Plan, buy, and measure Digital-Out-Of-Home (“DOOH”) ad campaigns in minutes.


Provides complete high-performance cluster interconnect solutions.


Delivers career-transforming online executive education in partnership with leading universities


Helps shippers manage vendor compliance and on-time performance metrics


Next gen entertainment technology company built for mixed reality experiences


Notifies clients about trends before they become exponential


Bridges the gap between great immersive experiences and raising people’s awareness via Social Impact Gaming™


A platform offering real-asset access & transparency through a digitally connected liquidity pool


Helping teams collaborate more effectively by surfacing insights on individual behaviors though AI-enabled tools.


Reimagining data risk mapping and management with their product, DataGuard, a one-stop platform for data security


Licenses its software and related engineering services to enable true driverless capability for the “safe speed” commercial and industrial vehicle markets

Adit Genesis Leadership Team



Jon Cholak  

Managing Director
& Portfolio Manager

Jon is a seasoned venture investor and software professional with over 15 years of industry experience. After completing his MBA at the University of Texas, Jon joined USAA’s venture program where he focused on enterprise software investments in Fintech, Blockchain, cloud infrastructure, and security sectors. 

At Deloitte Consulting, Jon managed large scale custom software development projects in the health and human services sector. He also worked at Intel on new business valuation and strategy development.

Eric Munson, Principal

Eric Munson


Eric co-founded Adit Ventures in 2014 at the request of family offices seeking shares in select venture-backed growth equity companies.

His 30+ years of experience spans alternative asset management, corporate finance, mutual funds, private equity and venture capital. Eric built, developed, and managed 18 different funds and worked on over 200 IPOs while raising assets in excess of $20b+ during his career.

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  • Early-stage companies are poised for strong growth in the post-COVID economic recovery
  • Adit’s deep team experience, proprietary investment process, and focused approach separates us from our competitors
  • Long-term investment horizons enable targeted, strongly-diversified portfolios
  • Adit Ventures enjoys a history of top-decile performance in early-stage ventures
  • Adit Ventures leverages a broad network of LPs, advisors, and syndicate partners