Our society is increasingly feeding our personal information at an ever-increasing pace into digital technologies and multiple platforms.

As advances in technology increase our daily reliance on everything from the internet of things (IoT), to big data, to social media, to e-commerce, so do our risks for cyberattacks. This growth pattern is an increasing stream of opportunities for hackers to take our data for misuse or disrupt the digital infrastructure that we are reliant on.

The cybersecurity industry is expanding and shows no sign of slowing as our cyberthreats are trending rapidly larger in size, impact, and variety, and will continue to grow in the future.


As hackers continuously discover new ways to exploit connected applications and networks, new cybersecurity solutions are being rapidly developed to resist these threats. The diversification of cyber threats has already led to a wide range of specific security types: network security, endpoint security, application security, cloud system security, content security, gateway security, industrial control system security, to name only a few.

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